What Your Clients Really Hunger For

Author Danielle Brooks explore the question: “If you had the chance to be bored in the positive sense, what would you be inspired or compelled to do? What would it say about the essence of who you are? How could positive boredom help your clients?”

I knew I needed NANP before I ever enrolled in school.

As Whitney researched for a holistic nutrition school to attend, her search results kept pointing her back to the same place: The National Association of Nutrition Professionals.

It’s Official; the Pandemic Gave a Boost to Holistic Nutrition

This is great news, guys. According to the International Food Information Council’s (IFIC) 2020 Food and Health Survey, as many as 85% of Americans made changes in their food or how they prepare food because of the pandemic. Despite so many of the challenges we faced...

Avoiding Pitfalls – Manage Your Business Like a Pro!

It’s no secret that in our industry, the more people we have ‘out there,’ like you, the more people are being helped from a nutritional perspective. We need you, and they (your clients) need you. By extension, we need you to be successful in what you do.

Uninvited Challenges

by Nicole Hodson, Executive Director, NANP It seems like every day since the pandemic hit, we’re facing new, uninvited challenges in our lives. Let’s face it, most of us figured by now things would be back to normal – or at least we hoped so. But, as the months have...

NANP is Going For It! Are YOU With Us?

by Barbara Rodgers, NC, BCHN®, NANP Board President For those of you who are parents, an aunt or an uncle, or even just a close friend of a young person, you probably know that feeling of pride that is oftentimes accompanied by “gushing” (i.e., going on and on with...

How to Get Remarkable Results in 2020

How to Get Remarkable Results in 2020

by Miriam G. Zacharias, MS, NTC, BCHN, President of the NANP Most of us take on too many things when declaring our New Year’s resolutions. We launch a renewed commitment to lose weight, increase exercise, start playing the piano again, dive into the literary classics...

What’s Your Story?

What’s Your Story?

by Nicole Hodson, Executive Director, NANP If you’re like me, you’re already thinking about the Thanksgiving holiday next week. You're looking forward to the warmth of time with family and friends, and (of course) the delicious food. In anticipation of the holiday,...

Finding the Shortcut to Your Ideal Destination

by Miriam Zacharias, President, NANP Board of Directors We all come into this profession for different reasons. It may be very personal, seeking specific solutions for you or for a loved one after searching for (and not finding) them in the conventional medicine...

Strengthening Our NANP Partnerships

Strengthening Our NANP Partnerships

by Monica Nesbit, Development Coordinator, NANP I’m pretty excited to be writing my first article for the NANP. It’s been just over two months since I joined the team, and during that time I’ve been struck by the passion and dedication of our members in the field of...

Knowledge Is a Gift

Knowledge Is a Gift

Once, a dear friend contacted me from the emergency room. He’s kind of a tough guy, so he doesn’t like talking about his health issues (I’m sure you know someone like that too). He admitted that he’d been plagued with terrible digestive issues and needed help. In...