Continuing Education Credits (CECs)

The Next Step in Your Career

You earned a distinguished education in nutrition. You’re on the cutting-edge of the industry, and you want to keep it that way. The landscape of holistic nutrition changes every day with new research, assessments, and protocols being developed year-round. How do you stay at the top of your game? You continue to learn. That’s why NANP Continuing Education is critical to your work and helping you achieve your goal of changing the world with whole foods nutrition and holistic lifestyle interventions.

What are Continuing Education Credits (CECs)? 

Continuing Education is a means by which professionals continue to learn beyond the foundational education they earned in pursuit of their careers. Continuing education or professional development is required in many fields, including nutrition.

NANP Continuing Education programs are those that are in alignment with our Educational Standards:

5 Reasons Why Continuing Education is Important to Your Career

Stay on the Cutting Edge

Provide Better Support to Your Clients/Customers

Maintain Your Membership & Certifications

Experience Professional Growth

Enjoy Personal Growth


Who Needs to Earn Continuing Education Credits (CECs)?

CEC Roll-Over Policy

If you exceed CEC requirements, extra CECs will roll over at renewal and be applied to the next year’s membership term. For one-year membership renewals, extra CECs that rollover will be valid for 2 (two) years from your CEC completion date. For two-year membership renewals, extra CECs that rollover will be valid for 3 (three) years from your CEC completion date.

CEC Due Date

​All CECs will be due at the time of membership renewal. If a member carries a credential earned through the NANP, the additional CECs required to maintain that credential will be due at the time of membership renewal, despite having a different re-credential date.

Example for a Board Certified Member:

  • If the membership renewal date is August 31; ten (10) CECs are due
  • If the Board Certification renewal date is November 30; an additional five (5) CECs are due.
  • All fifteen (15) CECs are due on August 31 each year 

How to Earn Continuing Education Credits (CECs)

What Members Are Saying

"Not only does NANP support us as Nutrition Professionals as a whole, but the community and resources that we can use in our day to day business are all there for us in one place."

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