I knew I needed NANP before I ever enrolled in school.

by Whitney Marks, NTP
Member Relations & Marketing Assistant, NANP

Like many holistic nutrition students, my journey began before I enrolled in a program. When I decided to pursue nutrition for my career, I knew I needed an educational foundation, but I wasn’t sure where to go. There are so many options, and I knew I needed to choose a program that was solid and reputable.

Scope of practice in my state and what’s possible within this field was also at the top of my list in finding out if this passion-turned-career-path was even feasible for me.

As I researched both of these things, my search results kept pointing me back to the same place: The National Association of Nutrition Professionals.

This organization quickly became my go-to for helping me find that reputable program, as I learned that each approved school listed on the NANP website has to apply for and participate in a thorough review process. Only those schools/programs that pass their review make the cut.  So if it was good enough to meet the NANP’s educational criteria and also qualify me for board certification, it was good enough for me!

And I scoured scope of practice for my state, but nothing I found on my own compared to support from their Legislative Affairs Division. An (almost instantaneous!) personal email reply from Laura Waldo, the NANP Legislative Affairs expert, made all the difference for me as I navigated the murky waters of the law and our industry.

Fast forward to my time as a student enrolled in a program, and I took full advantage of student membership!

Here are a few of the benefits I have received since joining this incredible organization:


I knew I needed to be part of an organization that would lend to my success far after my time in the classroom ended. The NANP sets the standards for our industry, providing so much to help us all succeed. So, I knew it was in my best interest to stay connected and dialed in to what the NANP is doing as a new student just getting my feet wet.


Volunteer – I have had the chance to build my reputation by getting involved in member volunteer opportunities.

Promote holistic nutrition – the NANP fights for our right to practice nutrition across the country. On a personal level, NANP’s communication tools, training, organization, and access helped me become an effective advocate about the many benefits of holistic nutrition.

Community & Connections

Nutrition Students Group Circle – I joined the bigger conversation by connecting with my peers across all schools in our industry. Learning from others’ perspectives has helped broaden my own horizons.

Network – Similar to above, by getting to know a diverse pool of fellow nutrition students and professionals, I am able to take the grunt work out of finding and accessing like-minded peers!

Teatime with Andrea – I don’t know about you, but I love to be a part of the conversation. This quarterly chat for members brings old-school nutrition professionals and newbies together to talk, laugh, learn and share with each other.

Professional Development

Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition® – This is the only board exam in our industry that gives the added credibility and confidence I need to take my nutrition business to the next level. I have big plans to take this exam in the near future.

Continued Education – I love that learning doesn’t stop just because I finished my program. It’s an ongoing journey, and it’s important to know the NANP offers free monthly webinars, previous conference content, and more to make sure I am constantly growing and staying on top of the industry’s latest.

HEALCon – This year I got to join others from all over the world who share my passion for holistic nutrition at HEALCon, NANP’s Annual Conference & Expo. I was blown away by the leadership, topics, vendors, and attendees all in one place for one common purpose. It was exciting and fulfilling on many levels!

Exclusive Access to Legislative Affairs

As I mentioned earlier, I have been the beneficiary of the personal scope of practice support I needed before joining the industry. In today’s ever-changing landscape of legal rights to practice in each state, I definitely have peace of mind knowing Laura Waldo is in my corner. The next best thing would be an attorney, but seriously, how many students can afford that?

And so much more!

NANP’s Resources – There is so much I want to say (and so little time) to tell you all about all the doors NANP can open for you in today’s holistic nutrition arena. Just know this: you’ll get access to tools for your business, your clients, and ongoing learning content designed specifically with you and your career in mind.

Discounts – Because I am just starting out, I know I need help with sourcing the best products and services to build a successful practice. The partners NANP brings in to the fold are so incredible – I feel like I am a part of a team of people ready to help me succeed!

See all the NANP Member Benefits here.

My time as a Student member with NANP ended recently when I completed my program. I have since transitioned into Professional membership and am so thankful for the NANP’s efforts on my behalf and on behalf of the more than 1,000 other holistic nutrition professionals who are also members.

In addition to being a member, I also happen to work in Member Relations for NANP, as I am passionate about helping students navigate the all-too-common challenges I once faced. In my personal, and now professional experience, being an NANP member makes a powerful impact, not just for yourself, but for our communities, and ultimately for our world.

YOU are the future of the holistic nutrition industry!

Join the NANP today, and together we can fulfill our dreams and create a profound, positive impact in people’s lives!

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