A Resolution Worth Keeping!

by Nicole Hodson, Executive Director, NANP

It’s hard to believe we’re firmly into the year 2021. I know we are all excited to get the new year underway and work toward the goals we’ve set for our personal and professional growth.

If you’re looking for a growth opportunity or adding to your credentials, have I got an announcement for you!

For several years, NANP has been developing a one-of-a-kind certification for those who provide guidance on or sell dietary supplements.

Born out of an idea initially presented to us by Whole Foods Market, the Certified Dietary Supplement ProfessionalTM is a unique credential that raises the bar and delivers a new and authoritative standard in the supplement industry. The education and exam rigor establish the Certified Dietary Supplement Professional™ credential as a necessity in supporting the whole of holistic health professionals.

If you’re already a professional member of the NANP, you automatically qualify to take this exam. If you’re not yet a member but believe you have qualifications that will meet the educational standards for this certification, you can apply for an Independent Educational Review (IER). An IER will identify any areas where you may need additional education to qualify to take this exam. You may even find that you already have the education you need! I’m so excited to share two invaluable free downloads to help you get started.

  • Certified Dietary Supplement Professional™ Study Guide
  • Dietary Supplement Quality Reference Guide

While I’m on the subject of the CDSP™ exam and the free downloads, I want to take a moment to thank the CDSP™ Committee for their countless hours of hard work and dedication to getting this certification exam written, reviewed, policies set, and documents developed. A special thanks to Kariman Pierce, Committee Chair and chief exam author, without whom this project would still be in the pipeline.

I also want to thank Gene Bruno and Huntington University of Health Sciences for providing the Legal & Ethical Responsibilities document (also a free download available via the study guide). Thank you as well to Paula Bartholomy of Hawthorn University for the foundational content for the Dietary Supplement Quality Reference Guide and to Jini Cicero, Kate Mahoney, and Rebecca Zolotor (Purdue University Global) for pulling it all together. Lastly, thank you to Dorene Petersen of the American College of Healthcare Sciences for reviewing our policies and documents with such a keen eye to industry standards. I’m genuinely grateful to each of you and can’t wait to share your hard work with our industry!

We recognize there is a wide variety of careers in our profession. The CDSP™ is yet one more way to set yourself apart from others in the health and wellness space by demonstrating your exemplary education and proficiency in a complex service area within our field.

Ready to get started? Learn all about this new certification.

“Life is like riding a bicycle; to keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

-Albert Einstein

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