Residency & Internship Programs

Externship vs. Internship (description)

The purpose of both an externship and internship is to provide exposure to client-based aspects of the holistic nutrition industry, resume-building experience, and career networking opportunities. However, there are differences in both scope and duration of these experiences.



Get an overview Gain skills and experience
Observational training Hands-on work
Shadow an individual or team Work alongside an individual or team
Short-term (days, a week) Longer-term (weeks, months)
Usually unpaid Paid or unpaid

General guidelines

  • An externship will not exceed forty (40) hours in total duration
  • An internship may be of any duration, consisting of minimally two (2) weeks
  • No more than 20% of the tasks can be clerical. These include filing, answering phones, marketing, social media, managing inventory, scheduling appointments, welcoming patients/clients, responding to email, etc.
  • 80% or more should be substantial engagement in primary industry functions (see list below)
  • Externships/internships are valid from the start date of a qualifying nutrition education program


Primary Industry Functions Checklist

General Menu of Services:

Therapeutic Menu of Services:

Diet and lifestyle evaluation Intake
Teach healthy eating Advise therapeutic menu and nutrients
Shopping tours Research
Family meal planning Provide follow-up support
Suggestions for improving lifestyle Review lab assessments
Supporting a healthy stress response Summarize case and group findings
Meal plans for improved weight, mood, and energy Provide recommendations
Teach classes on wellness and holistic nutrition Teach health professionals and consumers
Advise clients on basic wellness supplementation Consult with practitioner


Internship Programs

Internship programs

Below are pre-approved internship programs for nutrition professionals seeking interactive virtual mentoring that qualify as Contact Hours for the Holistic Nutrition Credentialing Board Exam Application.


Holistic Nutrition Mentorship Program

This 12-month online program is for holistic nutrition professionals looking to earn contact hours and work towards becoming board certified.

The program is made up of 12 modules with the opportunity to earn 15 contact hours per week and is delivered in small groups to help participants prepare for the BCHN® Exam with group case reviews, office hours, lectures, protocol and handout development, guest lecturers, and direct contact hours working with clients. Additionally, the program includes modules on marketing, accounting, financial reporting, and social media.

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Foundations in Practice – Mentoring Program

Foundations in Practice is a live 5-week program to help practitioners strengthen their confidence in key areas for practice-building.

Learning Objectives: Strengthen time management, address mindset obstacles, and build a referral network.

Duration: 5 Weeks = 10 Hours / 10 CEC’s

  • Week 1: Manage Your Time
  • Week 2: Manage Your Money
  • Week 3t: Manage Your Mindset
  • Week4: Manage Your Network

If your biggest dream is to help people restore their health, but you are still wondering if you know enough and struggle with how to manage it all, keep reading! It’s overwhelming to find yourself swept up in all the courses, training, and summits, only to feel even more aware of what you still don’t know. It’s like a chronic state of professional defeat—a place where you’re just as terrified of success as you are of failure.

When you sign up for this mentoring program, you’ll receive an actionable tool kit and real support to help propel your success.

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Advanced Herbal and Nutritional Skills Course: Term 1 & Term 2

The Advanced Professional Herbal & Nutritional Skills Course Online offers you a chance to gain experience working with real clients under the direct supervision of experienced herbal and nutritional therapy practitioners. The faculty of K.P. Khalsa’s International Integrative Educational Institute brings together highly trained professional herbalists, naturopathic physicians, and TCM practitioners so that you obtain your clinical/internship hours from instructors with real-world clinical experience.

The two terms are not sequential. This course is composed of two terms, with students able to start with either term and then continue with the other term to complete the course.

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Success Academy for Nutrition Professionals

This program has been approved for a total of 30.0 (Thirty) NANP CECs on a one (1) contact hour to one (1) continuing education credit equivalency.

Duration & Total Hours: 30 hours

6-month program – Monthly Modules and Live/Virtual Platform (offered twice a year)

Monthly modules offer live (and recorded) training – the virtual classroom platform (Ruzuku) includes three live training sessions per month.

Signing Bonuses – One-on-one Jump Start Call to map out individuals’ path forward; Online forms with specific questions related to the content of the calls that include space to submit action steps that were taken.

• Business building
• Client Support
• Implementation labs
• Application worksheets and handouts
• Client support training
• Private Facebook group encouraging interaction
• Guest Speakers related to the topics
• Midway self-assessment –
• Practitioner Spotlight Success Interview – recorded interview of your services
• ALSO AVAILABLE: Board Certification Study & Internship Groups- Additional Clinical Oversight Specific to Contact Hours

Covering systems of Practice Management Business & Clinical Mentorship. Support the nutrition professional in building a strong foundation for building business skills and implementing Clinical Support through Skills Implementation & Client Case Management Support, food, nutrition & lifestyle support.

Participants learn how to address clients’ conditions with Individualized support with Advanced Nutrition Concepts that include Food & Lifestyle Support, Understanding lab reports, working with Allopathic Partners, and the importance of Collaboration.

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Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner (FNLP) Certification Program

This 3-month online program in functional nutrition is the only one of its kind–offering direct mentorship from acclaimed functional medicine nutritionist Andrea Nakayama and certifying you as a Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner (FNLP).

The curriculum includes weekly teaching sessions, direct mentorship from Andrea on clinical skills, functional nutrition systems, and any questions that are coming up in your personal practice. Students will learn how to navigate complex cases by utilizing the functional nutrition tools and systems developed by Andrea and used by her nutrition team at the Functional Nutrition Alliance (FxNA).

Through written assignments, collaboration with a partner, and a live case study review with Andrea, students will gain proficiency in all 8 pillars of the Functional Nutrition Mastery Paradigm. Graduates emerge both skilled and confident in assessing client intakes, navigating the terrain of both complex physical symptoms and the delicate client-practitioner relationship, and determining treatment plans for client cases in clinical practice. Students will also learn how to work in partnership with other practitioners, including physicians, and communicate their ideas and insights more effectively so that they can create the change they are most passionate about.

FNLP is an application-only program open to select graduates of the Holistic Nutrition Lab: Full Body Systems.

What graduates are saying:
“I have so much more confidence in myself and my practice since taking FNLP. I’m solving more and more complex cases. This program is great for someone who really wants to work with the whole person, dig deep, and find the root cause of people’s suffering. FNLP is more individualized than health coaching. To work with people who have illnesses, you need more than health coaching. You need the FNLP training.”
~Christine Shin
“Science and theory are great, but the application is where it’s at. Andrea teaches you how to actually help the sick people that need you. Andrea’s approach to functional nutrition is the future of healthcare.”
~Elisa Haggarty
“I now know I can help real people who walk in my door. I’m more effective, I’m getting better results, and I’m getting more return clients. FNLP gave me tremendous confidence and power. I know I’m a functional nutritionist and I can truly go out and do this.”
~Brandin Roa
Sponsored by: Andrea Nakayama and Holistic Nutrition Lab
FNLP is an online 3‐month program that is currently offered once per year:
  • Winter (January, February, March)

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Lori Rose Research, Case Studies & Applications Internship (for Indirect Contact Hours)

This internship will be based upon indirect contact hours and will include case study reviews followed by research and creating informational materials to be used for clients. This can include brochures, graphics, handouts, e-books, and other methods used to impart knowledge to clients based on actual case study health issues. Students can choose how many hours they obtain to a maximum of 250 indirect hours.

Sponsored by: Dr. Lori Rose, CNP, RH (AHG)

Students will be taught virtually either through e-mail, Skype, or phone (whichever method is more comfortable for the student). Scheduling is based on individual needs. Materials will be submitted via e-mail for review.

“Through your indirect-hour mentorship, I have finally opened up a new set of skills that have opened my eyes and my heart to what is possible for me towards achieving my dreams beyond graduation; it’s no longer foggy and vague. The more schooling I do and the more I learn from you, the more things are becoming clearer. I’ve found I’m definitely passionate about holistic nutrition and holistic, greener living, and I’m already taking baby steps to share the knowledge I’ve accumulated to better others’ health and well-being. For the longest time, I didn’t think my passions could become a career, but here I am forging the path and learning how to make it so!” -Ellen Wentz

Apply to: Lori Rose at


Hill College, Texas

This internship will be a combination of business and marketing skills, coaching skills, intake and assessment skills, as well as direct contact with clients via two college holistic clinical courses in the Hill College Holistic Wellness Pathway.  Students will learn to admin a holistic nutrition business Facebook page, blog, and email list, as well as create the content required for marketing a holistic nutrition business via social media and in person, create content for clients and client outreach workshops and other events, and develop coaching skills related to high mileage open-ended questions, goal setting, and moving clients forward with sustainable habit-forming.  Students will also hold client sessions and do client intake, assessment, and protocol development.  Upon completion of the internship courses, students will obtain 500 NANP hours (maximum 250 indirect hours).  This internship is also designed to help students obtain their 50 clients required for national holistic wellness coach board certification as well as the 400 hours and 80 clients required for application to the American Herbalist Guild Registered Herbalist designation.

Sponsored by: Dr. Lori Rose, CNP, RH (AHG) via the Hill College Holistic Wellness Pathway

Students will take 1 clinical course in the Fall (Aug –Dec) and the other clinical course in the Spring (Jan-May).

Apply to: Hill College via, send transcripts to Hill College, apply for FAFSA financial aid (if desired) or speak to the Hill College VA rep to use Veteran’s benefits, and pay Hill College tuition and fees as well as suggested books for the two clinical courses.

Residency Program

Nutrition, Functional Medicine, and Integrative Medicine Residency Program at Healthy Weighs Wellness Center in Brookfield, Connecticut

This is a competitive three to twelve-month Functional Medicine and Integrative Medicine Residency program designed for master or doctoral level nutritionists, chiropractors, and physicians who need to gain experience and supervised practice hours for BCHN® (Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition®), CNS (Certified Nutrition Specialist) certification, and CD-N (Certified Dietitian-Nutrition) certification, supervised practice hours or general practice experience.  This program will be individually tailored to meet the needs of the practitioner as well as the guidelines of the specific certification program being pursued. This program is designed to be onsite but online is an option.

Now accepting applications for Winter and Spring Sessions.

Click here for pricing and more information.

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