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It’s Official; the Pandemic Gave a Boost to Holistic Nutrition

This is great news, guys. According to the International Food Information Council’s (IFIC) 2020 Food and Health Survey, as many as 85% of Americans made changes in their food or how they prepare food because of the pandemic. Despite so many of the challenges we faced...

Colorful Foods for Mental Wellness

By Deanna Minich, PhD, FACN, CNS, IFMCPNutritionist, Author, Researcher, Educator, Artist It’s been said long ago by Hippocrates that “food is medicine." I would add that on many levels “color is medicine,” especially the colors of food. We are learning more about the...

TODAY IS A GREAT DAY: How I’ve turned pain into purpose.

Mindy shares her story of a journey to learn as much about nutrition as she could. Not only was she curious about the nutrient-density of food but also about how her body functioned as a result of what she ate.

A Resolution Worth Keeping!

The Certified Dietary Supplement ProfessionalTM is a unique credential that raises the bar and delivers a new and authoritative standard in the supplement industry.

Everything Revolves Around the Soil

When we refer to soil, what do we mean? Soil is a mixture of minerals, water, air, and organisms, both living & dead. With these four components, we have the foundation to our food systems, the natural world, and the key to our global health.

Holistic Nutrition Careers

Holistic Nutrition Careers

The NANP career center connects the brightest talent with top-notch employers in our field. Available for our members - everything you need to make your resume stand out, ace the interview and advance your holistic nutrition career.

Join Us for HEALCon 2021

Join Us for HEALCon 2021

HEALCon represents the NANP Conference & Expo, and for 16 years, has been bringing you the best of the best in holistic nutrition continuing education conferences. We can't wait to see you at the Hyatt Regency in Bellevue, Washington April...

“The Scoop” Webinar Series

“The Scoop” Webinar Series

We’ve put a together a wonderful line-up of world-class speakers to share their holistic nutrition clinical and business insights with you each month. The Scoop webinars are conducted virtually and recordings are available in our archive.