Spring: Spend Time Outside, Take in the Beauty of the Natural World

Luen Proft, of Dry Farm Wines, explores the growing hours of daylight where we can spend more time outside taking in the beauty of the natural world. This time can bring about wonderful joys and heightened energy as we take in more sunshine and socialize with friends outdoors.

Colorful Foods for Mental Wellness

By Deanna Minich, PhD, FACN, CNS, IFMCPNutritionist, Author, Researcher, Educator, Artist It’s been said long ago by Hippocrates that “food is medicine." I would add that on many levels “color is medicine,” especially the colors of food. We are learning more about the...

TODAY IS A GREAT DAY: How I’ve turned pain into purpose.

Mindy shares her story of a journey to learn as much about nutrition as she could. Not only was she curious about the nutrient-density of food but also about how her body functioned as a result of what she ate.

Everything Revolves Around the Soil

When we refer to soil, what do we mean? Soil is a mixture of minerals, water, air, and organisms, both living & dead. With these four components, we have the foundation to our food systems, the natural world, and the key to our global health.

5 Steps to Stay Healthy During Times of Stress

5 Steps to Stay Healthy During Times of Stress

We all experience stress and anxiety on occasion (some of us more than others as our personality predisposition), but there are situations in our life that can raise our stress levels, such as a divorce, death of a loved one, challenges at work or a job loss,...

Supporting the Immune System Naturally

Supporting the Immune System Naturally

by Lesley Herrmann, MSc, CNC, CWC, BCHN®️ The immune system is constantly using resources to regenerate and protect us from getting sick. Luckily, there are many ways to fight back against seasonal illness with supportive foods, key supplements, and rejuvenating...