Revitalize Digestion For Practitioners

Students Welcome!

The “Revitalize Digestion For Practitioners” workshop, open to students as well, is a comprehensive training program presented by Erin Livers, ICNT. It’s designed to empower health professionals with a proven 30-day Anti-Inflammatory, Elimination-Challenge Diet & Gut Healing Program. This program integrates various aspects of nutritional education, enabling practitioners to address and resolve gut symptoms, balance blood sugar, identify food sensitivities, replenish nutrients, and reduce pain, inflammation, and excess weight in their clients within a month.

The workshop provides a step-by-step guide, offering all the necessary tools and knowledge for practitioners to effectively lead their clients through this transformative gut healing journey. This training is an excellent opportunity for those looking to enhance their skills in guiding clients towards foundational health through dietary and lifestyle changes.

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