Episode: 38: Finding Passion Through Life Events – Cindy Ross MS,

Episode 38: Cindy Ross MS, BCHN®, CNP, IMP, E-RYT®, YACEP®, NC, CDSP™

Cindy Ross

Cindy Ross lives in Orange Beach, Alabama. She has recently been nominated for the DEAC Outstanding Graduate award. Cindy graduated in June of 2020 with Honors in the Master’s program of Holistic Nutrition from the American College of Healthcare Sciences. Shortly after graduation, Cindy began studying for the board certification with the National Association of Nutritional Professionals (NANP) and then became the first Certified Dietary Supplement Professional™ . Cindy now holds multiple board certifications and she says she owes ACHS and NANP for the education she received and her private practice, Life Wellness Forever, is thriving. Through her practice Life Wellness Forever, Cindy is able to practice Functional Medicine and is currently helping patients all over the country achieve a better quality of life. Cindy is now enrolled in a Ph.D. of Natural Health Sciences and Doctorate of Natural Medicine program as well. Cindy’s legacy project is a non-profit 501c3 she created in 2016 called C.H.A.D., she plans on using her education to provide humanitarian work of functional medicine along with nutrition counseling in underprivileged communities worldwide through her organization. Cindy has also opened a chapter of Not Just Tourists in Orange Beach and she can’t wait to tell you all about the services they provide in developing countries. 

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