Welcome Gold Sponsor BIOCANIC!

Biocanic is the first of its kind health program intelligence system specifically designed to streamline personal health programs for functional and integrative health practitioners. Biocanic helps you more effectively design, build and implement personalized health programs for your clients.

Biocanic solves all the key pain points with creating functional health programs

–       Assessments – Integrated assessments and reporting

–       Metabolic status – Automatically process and centralize lab data

–       Program design and implementation – Quickly set up and get going with each client’s dietary, lifestyle, and supplement programs

–       Communication & Education – Share key information and communicate with your patients

–       Progress tracking – Track and reinforce behavior change

Through Biocanic, all of the key data is brought together to help you quickly correlate and analyze data to get up and running with your clients faster and more effectively. In addition, through Biocanic’s unique engagement approach, patients are given the tools to better understand their own health status and implement the program on their own.

A health program intelligence system is the missing part of your practice that will unlock countless hours for you to grow… or just some free time to focus on your own health and family. 


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