The Vindication of The Clinical Application and Power of Nutrients and Hormones with Dr. Lindsey Berkson

  • One (1) lecture
  • 1.5 CECs

Lecture takeaways:

  • Nutrition is powerful. But greatly misunderstood.
  • Hormones are powerful. But greatly misunderstood.
  • If humans ate just one more veggie meal a week, the incidence of severe Covid would be reduced. We will dive into these peer-review studies.
  • If women had healthier hormones, the incidence of severe Covid would have significantly been reduced. We will go over these studies.
  • Hormones do not drive cancer; they mostly protect against it in men and women. We will go over these peer review studies.
  • Hormones are the most powerful signaling molecules in the body. Testing only levels, no matter the assay (blood, urine, saliva), is only one blind man touching an elephant.
  • Hormones lean on nutrients to protect us. This includes protecting us against cancer, Covid, and cognitive decline. And even promoting longevity.
  • All based on real science that too few seem to respect.
  • It appears “follow the science” is mainly true if it supports medications or standard of care. But not nutritional and hormonal science-based interventions.
  • Unhealthy nutrients and our toxic planet threaten our hormones, fertility, and children’s brain tissue.
  • We will mention endocrine disruption and its link to infertility, autoimmune issues, and more. And what to do to protect the next generation with “Greener Pregnancies.”
  • You will come away smarter and able to keep others smarter, and healthier. And for all to feel vindicated.