The Vanguard of Health: Plant-Based Minerals and how they Remediate Glyphosate’s Harm with Caroline Alan

  • One (1) lecture
  • 1.5 CECs

GMO production farming practices utilize glyphosates mixed with adjuvants and surfactants, further strengthening the glyphosates’ adverse effects. Americans can’t get away from ingesting glyphosates — they are in the water we drink and many foods we buy at the grocery store (processed and unprocessed).Recent scientific studies show that human exposure to glyphosates mixed with adjuvants/surfactants correlates with many chronic health conditions, including Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, renal failure, autism, obesity, and Parkinson’s disease. Plant-based humic substances represent a natural technology that offers real potential for the remediation of glyphosates in soils and humans. This talk will give you the information needed to be aware of the glyphosate issue and to understand effective glyphosate remediation solutions for your clients.