Mold Testing and Remediation – The problems with mold sampling and remediation. Helping your clients get the best information to overcome mold illness. with Cathy Cooke, BCHN®

  • One (1) lecture
  • 1.5 CECs
Mold illness is a devastating condition impacting more people than ever. Sadly, the industry standards for mold investigation, testing, and remediation do not work. Inadequate testing and remediation can worsen the problem, leaving the occupants with more health problems. This can set their progress back many years, even decades, thinking they’ve solved the mold problem when they have not. In this presentation, Cathy will guide you through all aspects of mold sampling and investigation, explaining how to sample for the best results, why air samples don’t work, the problems with ERMIs, and why most mold inspectors miss significant issues. She will also discuss why chemicals, even essential oils, are not a good idea for addressing mold, what a proper mold investigation looks like, and how to ensure a mold remediation is done correctly.