Natural Chef Educational Curriculum Requirements

Graduates of NANP-approved natural chef training programs are eligible for Professional membership in the NANP.

Natural Chef Educational Curriculum Requirements – 12 credits (1 semester credit=45 educational hours)

  1. Fundamentals – 1 semester credit
    1. Food safety and sanitation
    2. Kitchen set-up:
      1. Pantry basics
      2. Cookware and utensils
      3.  Storage
      4. Culinary math and recipe writing
    3. Food Foundations:
      1. Macronutrients
      2. Micronutrients
    4. Whole Foods Selection:
      1.  Organic
      2.  Sustainability/Farm-to-Table
    5. Political and corporate interests
  2. Techniques – 2 semester credits
    1. Knife care and cutting skills
    2. Cooking – baking, steaming, grilling, sautéing, braising, roasting, pressure cooking
    3. Fermenting, juicing, sprouting, dehydrating
  3. Menu planning – 2 semester credits
    1. Seasonal cooking
    2. Raw and living foods
    3. International/Regional Cuisine:
      1. Ethnic traditions
      2. Spices
      3. Therapeutic applications
    4. Multiple Dietary Approaches:
      1. Omnivore/Pescatarian
      2. Vegetarian/Vegan
    5. Healthy family cooking, cooking for children: breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts
  4. Therapeutic Applications – 2 semester credits –
    1. Healing foods
    2. Detoxification
    3. Food sensitivities/allergies – gluten, dairy, soy -free
  5. Hands-on cooking classes covering the following categories – 3 semester credits:
    1. Whole grains and grain products
    2. Poultry, fish, meat, eggs
    3. Vegetables, sea vegetables
    4. Beans, soy foods, meat alternatives
    5. Soups and stews
    6. Herbs, Spices, Seasonings, condiments, oils, and garnishes
    7. Salads, dressings and sauces
    8. Appetizers, party food
    9. Healthy breads and flatbreads
    10. Fruits, nuts, seeds, beverages
    11. Desserts: baked and non-baked, natural sweeteners
  6. Client Services – 1 semester credit
    1. Personal Chef
    2. Catering/restaurant
    3. Business development/legal issues
    4. Scope of Services
  7. Culinary Externship – 1 semester credit


A person wishing to establish Professional membership with the NANP who has not graduated from an approved natural chef training program may request an independent review to determine eligibility for Professional membership.

Requirements for the independent review include:

  1. a cover letter stating the desire to become a Professional member
  2. a two hundred dollar ($200.00) review fee
  3. official transcripts from all relevant educational institutions
  4. course description materials (i.e. catalog, etc.)
  5. may also include a telephone interview with the NANP Educational Programs Assistant

Persons who do not meet the above mentioned requirements, may be asked to complete one or more courses of study before being accepted for Professional membership. To inquire about an Independent Educational Review (IER) contact Andrea Grandson at

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