HEALCon 2024 Lecture – Nutrition, Ayurveda, and the Epigenetic connection with Virender Sodhi, MD (Ayurveda), ND

Nutrition, Ayurveda, and the Epigenetic Connection with Virender Sodhi, MD (Ayurveda), ND

  • One (1) lecture
  • 1.5 CECs

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the basics of epigenetic changes, their role in health, and the current medical literature.
  • Understand the clinical applications of epigenetics, including foundational concepts such as DNA methylation and histone phosphorylation or acetylation.
  • Achieve an understanding of the mechanisms by which the environment (air, water, food chain, and other socio-economic factors) creates epigenetic impacts.
  • Understand the parallels and differences between the Ayurvedic understanding of epigenetics and its effects, including Dosha disturbances, Ama accumulations, Dhatu (tissues) affected, and in what sequence.
  • Be introduced to the modern concept of “Ayurgenomics” – the body of research looking to link Ayurvedic recommendations with epigenetics in modern genetic understanding.
  • Contextualize the body/mind/spirit aspects of Ayurveda and the current evidence that supports this approach in the medical literature. (For instance, Meditation has been associated with health benefits, but moving meditations created better epigenetic changes per a microassay analysis of global mRNA)
  • Apply various Ayurvedic strategies and expand their materia medica with an understanding of both the herb’s utility from an Ayurvedic lens as well as its modern molecular understanding, including epigenetic influences where properly documented.

Passing the quiz that corresponds with the lecture above will earn you one and a half (1.5) CECs. The quiz can be purchased and taken via NANP’s test.com portal.