HEALCon 2024 Opening Keynote Lecture – Nutrivore: A Nutrient-Focused Path to Diet Expansion with Sarah Ballantyne, PhD

Opening Keynote Lecture: Nutrivore: A Nutrient-Focused Path to Diet Expansion with Sarah Ballantyne, PhD

  • One (1) lecture
  • 1.5 CECs

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the Pitfalls of Dietary Restriction: Identify the psychological and physiological consequences of restrictive diets, including food obsession, cravings, disinhibition, and disordered eating patterns as well as nutrient shortfalls that increase risk for chronic and infectious disease.
  • Exploring the Nutrivore Philosophy: Examine the Nutrivore approach, a permissive, flexible, nutrient-focused dietary philosophy that disengages from moral judgments of foods. Understand how Nutrivore promotes a balanced and sustainable diet along with a healthy relationship with food.
  • Navigating Dietary Recommendations: Discuss the confusion surrounding what to restrict versus embracing whole foods and dietary diversity. Explore the significance of making room for cultural foods and understanding that no singular food choice is inherently bad within the Nutrivore philosophy.
  • Implementing Sustainable Nutrition: Explore the benefits of adopting a whole diet approach, emphasizing that not every food needs to be the pinnacle of nutrient density. Understand the Nutrivore Score as a practical lens for viewing food choices and how incremental changes can lead to lifelong health and improved overall well-being

Passing the quiz that corresponds with the lecture above will earn you one and a half (1.5) CECs. The quiz can be purchased and taken via NANP’s test.com portal.