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Why Normal Bone Density Scores Aren’t Good Enough

What is healthy bone? It is simply bone that lacks disease, or is it something more? In this session, Founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®, Reed Davis breaks down the way bone health and risk are currently assessed, showing only those already on a disease path or at high risk are recommended for evaluation. Established ranges […]

Understanding the Complexity of CIRS and Mold Toxicity Lesley Herrmann, MSc, BCHN

In this presentation, Lesley will introduce mold illness and chronic inflammatory response syndrome, or CIRS. Attendees will learn how to recognize symptoms of mold toxicity and about the interconnectedness between CIRS and other environmental illnesses. Nutritional strategies will be discussed as well as important first-steps for identifying if the home is contributing to client's symptoms. […]

Mood Disorders and Neurotransmitter Balance with Dr Jess Armine

This webinar will give simple and accurate explanations of the issues involved along with immediately actionable steps that can be utilized by the practitioner and client alike. In this lecture the participant will learn: 1. The definition of neurotransmitters. 2. The importance of neurotransmitter balance. 3. How neurotransmitters are related to mood disorders. 4. The […]