The Ultimate Kickstarter Program for Holistic Nutrition Professionals

Ready to get your holistic nutrition career off the ground? You’ve come to the right place. The Career Preparedness Program (CPP) was designed with YOU in mind. Full of useful tips and resources, this program will help you steer clear of expensive mistakes to set yourself up for success right away.

Resources to Help You Get Started & Grow Your Holistic Nutrition Business

The CPP answers the top five questions asked by holistic nutrition students and professionals.

    Lesson 1

    Can I practice in my state/what is my Scope of Practice?

    Lesson 3A

    How will I make money? (Marketing Your Business)

    Lesson 3C

    How will I make money? (Serving Your Clients)

    Lesson 5

    How can I stay current with the latest topics and education?

    Lesson 2

    How do I start & run my own business?

    Lesson 3B

    How will I make money? (Business Tools)

    Lesson 4

    Will I find help along the way?

    Hit the Ground Running

    Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned holistic nutrition professional, you want your next step to count. The CPP takes the pain out of starting or continuing your career journey. Find answers to questions that will help you avoid costly mistakes and set you on the right path out of the gate.

    Lesson 1 – Can I practice in my state/what is my Scope of Practice?

    Protect yourself and your business by understanding the laws of your state. Some of the tools in this lesson:

    • IDEAS: Working with Remote Clients
    • RESOURCES: Understanding Scope of Practice. How to Stay in Your Lane!  with Laura Waldo, NTP, BCHN®
    • HOW TO: Scope of Practice Checklist

    Lesson 2 – How do I start & run my own business?

    Running your own business is a unique skill set. There are so many things to think about before diving in. By exploring your options and being fully prepared, you can set yourself up for success. Below are examples of the types of resources in this section:

    • IDEAS: Protecting Yourself and Your Business with the Proper Forms
    • RESOURCES: Client Tracking/Record-Keeping Systems
    • HOW TO: Three Steps to Obtain a National Provider Identifier


    Lesson 3 – How will I make money? Marketing, Business Tools, & Serving Clients

    As nutrition professionals, our passion lies in helping others. But as you begin your journey of establishing your practice,  you have to wear many hats. Employing the right tools can set you up for succes. There are lots of great resources and info in this section to get you started, like:

    • IDEAS: The Peace Process for Marketing
    • RESOURCES: Setting up Your Nutrition Practice
    • HOW TO: Create and Sell Packages

    Lesson 4 – Will I find help along the way?

    Surrounding yourself with a network of peers and professionals that can help you is essential. Joining your professional organization is the first step on the path to success. This section is filled with ways to make the most out of those relationships, such as:

    • IDEAS: Tapping into Your Community
    • RESOURCES: Finding a Mentor
    • HOW TO: Build Your Professional Network

    Lesson 5 – How can I stay current with the latest topics and education?

    Continuing education is not only a part of maintaining your credentials; it’s part of growing your business, solidifying your credibility, and helping your clients. This lesson offers ideas and information on how to stay current with the newest and best educational opportunities in our field.

    • IDEAS: Book List for CEC’s
    • RESOURCES: Continuing Education Opportunities
    • HOW TO: Expanding your Credentials

    “I can’t imagine where I’d be without this program. It was such a useful tool in helping me to get my holistic nutrition practice started. There is just so much great information and tools that I refer back to even today.”

    Nicole E, BS in Holistic Nutrition, HNP

    “This program, although great for someone just starting out in the nutrition space, is loaded with great information for those like me who have a holistic nutrition practice. It provided me the spark I needed to expand my business.”

    Patricia A


    The team at the NANP is continuously working to provide you with the most up-to-date information and resources available to help you succeed. The information in this program is constantly being updated, and new materials are being added. We invite you to revisit this amazing resource often as you grow your business. Please feel free to reach out to us with questions, ideas, or comments at any time. We are here for you!


    Who has access to this program?

    This program is provided to Professional Members exclusively as a part of their member benefit package. Student and Associate members may purchase this program.

    Can I revisit the program more than once?

    Once you have accessed this program through your myNANP membership dashboard, you will have unlimited access to the lessons, tools, and resources inside the CPP for as long as you remain a Professional Member.

    How much does this program cost?

    This program is traditionally offered for $397. However, we believe it is so important to have the tools in this program that we have made it our gift to everyone who joins the NANP as a professional member.

    Where can I find help putting together a business plan?

    Lesson #3 includes many resources that can help you start your business planning process.

    How do I get help understanding the laws in my state?

    Inside lesson #1 we give you the tools and resources to understand how to find the laws and Scope of Practice for your state. If at any time you have questions, our Legislative Affairs Specialist, Laura Waldo is available to help you. You can reach out to her by email at

    What other resources does the NANP provide for members?

    Outside of this CPP, the NANP offers support for members in ways you might not even know. From networking events to webinars introducing new research, we bring you all the latest news, views, and information. We are here for YOU and we want to make sure you are equipped with all the trending information and opportunities! Be sure to visit myNANP, follow us on social media, and check your email regularly, as we are posting and sending great stuff to you every day!