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West Virginia

West Virginia licenses dietitians and protects the titles “dietitian,” “licensed dietitian,” or any designation that implies a licensed dietitian. There are no licensure requirements for providing nutrition care and holistic nutrition professionals may work within their scope of practice. The law specifically defines a scope of practice regarding medical nutrition therapy, stating.

§30-35-1. License to practice. Nothing in this article may be construed to affect individuals who furnish nutrition information on food, food materials or dietary supplements or who engage in explanation to customers about food, food materials or dietary supplements in connection with the marketing and distribution of those products, and who do not use the title “dietician” or “licensed dietician.”

West Virginia Code, Chapter 30. Professions and Occupations, Article 35. Board of Dietitians

West Virginia, §30-35-1. License to practice

West Virginia, §30-35-14. Prohibitions and penalties

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