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Rhode Island

Rhode Island is an Exclusive Scope of Practice State that licenses dietitians as “licensed dietitians/nutritionists.” The law protects the titles “dietitian/nutritionist,” “L.D.N.,” or any facsimile. The law states that it shall not limit:

Any person who does not call him/herself a dietitian/nutritionist from providing nutritional information to customers or any consumer as to the use of food, food products or dietary supplements in connection with the marketing and distribution of those products;

Any person who provides a weight loss program and/or health maintenance counseling as long as such persons do not engage in nutrition counseling for the management of disease, and do not hold themselves out to be dietitians/nutritionists.

Rhode Island also has an Unlicensed Health Care Practices Law § 23-74-1 which defines Unlicensed health care practices as the broad domain of unlicensed healing methods and treatments, including, but not limited to: (i) acupressure; (ii) Alexander technique; (iii) aroma therapy; (iv) ayurveda; (v) cranial sacral therapy; (vi) crystal therapy; (vii) detoxification practices and therapies; (viii) energetic healing; (ix) rolfing; (x) Gerson therapy and colostrum therapy; (xi) therapeutic touch; (xii) herbology or herbalism; (xiii) polarity therapy; (xiv) homeopathy; (xv) nondiagnostic iridology; (xvi) body work; (xvii) reiki; (xviii) mind-body healing practices; (ixx) naturopathy; and (xx) Qi Gong energy healing. “Unlicensed health care practices” do not include surgery, x-ray radiation, prescribing, administering, or dispensing legend drugs and controlled substances, practices that invade the human body by puncture of the skin, setting fractures, any practice included in the practice of dentistry, the manipulation or adjustment of articulations of joints, or the spine, also known as chiropractic medicine as defined in chapter 30 of title 5, the healing art of acupuncture as defined in chapter 37.2 of title 5, or practices that are permitted under § 5-37-15 or § 5-34-31(6).

(4) “Unlicensed health care practitioner” means a person who: 

(i) Is not licensed by a health-related licensing board or the director of health; or holds a license issued by a health-related licensing board or the department of health in this State, but does not hold oneself out to the public as being licensed or registered by the director or a health-related licensing board when engaging in unlicensed health care;

Holistic nutrition professionals may work within their scope of practice under the Dietitian/Nutritionist Act or under Title 23, Chapter 74 the Unlicensed Health Care Practices Law.


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Rhode Island Statutes, Title 5, Chapter 64, Dietitian/Nutritionist Act

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