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North Dakota

North Dakota is an Exclusive Scope of Practice State. The law requires a license to provide nutrition care, and only dietitians may obtain a license. This law prevents holistic nutrition professionals from assessing the nutritional needs of individuals or groups. You may not state or imply that you are licensed, registered, or certified by the state or use the protected title of “dietitian,” “licensed registered dietitian,” “nutritionist,” or “licensed nutritionist.” There are exemptions for holistic nutrition professionals that will allow you to practice in North Dakota.


43-44-10. Persons exempted from the license requirement.

This chapter does not prevent or restrict the practice, services, or activities of:

1. Persons licensed to practice medicine, nursing, pharmacy, or dentistry consistent with the accepted standards of their profession, if the persons do not represent themselves as licensed registered dietitians or licensed nutritionists.

5. A person practicing dietetics or providing general nutrition services as a duty of serving in the armed forces.

8. An educator who is in the employ of a federal, state, county, or municipal agency, or other political subdivision, or an elementary or secondary school, or an accredited institution of higher education insofar as the activities and services are part of the duties of the employee’s position; or who is in the employ or service of a nonprofit organization approved by the board.

9. Any person having received a baccalaureate degree in home economics, if the person does not represent that the person is a licensed registered dietitian or licensed nutritionist, insofar as the services and activities are within the scope of that person’s education and training.

10. A person who markets or distributes food, food materials, or dietary supplements, or any person who engages in the advising of the use of those products, or the preparation of those products, or the counseling of individuals or groups in the selection of products to meet normal nutritional needs, if that person does not represent that that person is a licensed registered dietitian or licensed nutritionist.

Source: North Dakota Statutes  43-44-01

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