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Missouri is an Exclusive Scope of Practice State. The law requires a license to provide nutrition services and only dietitians may obtain a license. You may not assess the nutritional needs of individuals or groups, nor may you use the protected titles of “dietitian” or “nutritionist.” You may not state or imply that you are licensed, registered, or certified by the state of Missouri. There are exemptions that allow holistic nutrition professionals to practice in the state of Missouri.


324.206 Permitted acts by persons not holding themselves out as dietitians.

As long as the person involved does not represent or hold himself or herself out as a dietitian as defined by subdivision (4) of subsection 2 of section 324.200, nothing in sections 324.200 to 324.225 is intended to limit, preclude, or otherwise interfere with:

(1) Self-care by a person or gratuitous care by a friend or family member;

(2) Persons in the military services or working in federal facilities from performing any activities described in sections 324.200 to 324.225 during the course of their assigned duties in the military service or a federal facility;

(3) A licensed health care provider performing any activities described in sections 324.200 to 324.225 that are within the scope of practice of the licensee;

(4) A person pursuing an approved educational program leading to a degree or certificate in dietetics at an accredited or approved educational program as long as such person does not provide dietetic services outside the educational program. Such person shall be designated by a title that clearly indicates the person’s status as a student;

(5) Individuals who do not hold themselves out as dietitians marketing or distributing food products including dietary supplements as defined by the Food and Drug Administration or engaging in the explanation and education of customers regarding the use of such products;

(6) Any person furnishing general nutrition information as to the use of food, food materials, or dietary supplements, nor prevent in any way the free dissemination of literature; provided, however, no such individual may call himself or herself a dietitian unless he or she is licensed under this chapter.

Source: Missouri Dietitian Practice Act Title 22, Chapter 324, Sections 324.200 to 324.225  http://pr.mo.gov/boards/dietitians/Dietitian%20practice%20act.pdf

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