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Mississippi is an Exclusive Scope of Practice State. The law requires a license to provide nutrition services, and only dietitians may obtain a license. You may not assess individuals or groups’ nutritional needs, nor may you use the protected titles of “dietitian” or “nutritionist.” You may not state or imply that you are licensed, registered, or certified by the state of Mississippi.  There is an exemption that allows holistic nutrition professionals to practice in the state of Mississippi.


Holistic nutrition professionals may provide general nutrition information as to the use of food, food materials, or dietary supplements, as well as distribute nutrition literature, so long as you do not call yourself a dietitian or nutritionist.

(e) Persons licensed or registered to practice the health professions from engaging in the practice of dietetics when covered under the scope of practice of his or her profession, except that such persons may not use the title “dietitian” or “nutritionist.”

(f) Persons who perform the activities and services of a nutrition educator in the employ of a federal, state, county or municipal agency, or another political subdivision, or a chartered elementary or secondary school or accredited degree-granting educational institution insofar as such activities and services are part of a salaried position.

(g) Federal, state, county or local government employees involved with programs providing the services of a nutrition educator that help to prevent disease and maintain good nutritional health, including, but not limited to, the Cooperative Extension Service, the Child Nutrition Program, and Project Head Start.

(h) Individuals who do not hold themselves out to be dietitians from marketing or distributing food products including dietary supplements as defined by the Food and Drug Administration or from engaging in the explanation and education of customers regarding the use of such products.

(i) Any person from furnishing general nutrition information as to the use of food, food materials or dietary supplements, nor prevent in any way the free dissemination of literature; provided, however, no such individual may call themselves a dietitian unless they are licensed under this chapter.

Source: Title 15, Part 19, Subpart 60, CHAPTER 3

Regulations Governing Licensure of Dietitians: http://www.msdh.state.ms.us/msdhsite/_static/resources/135.pdf

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