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Minnesota provides licensure for dietitians and nutritionists. It protects the titles “licensed dietitian,” “licensed nutritionist,” “dietitian,” and “nutritionist.” There are broad exemptions for providers of alternative and complementary care including “healing practices utilizing food, food supplements, nutrients.”

Holistic nutrition professionals may practice under the exemption law 148.632 for Voluntary Licensing or under “Complementary and Alternative Health Care Practices,” referred to as Chapter 146A, Section 146A.01. For those practicing under Complementary and Alternative Health Care Practices, you must review and abide by the 146A.11 Complementary and Alternative Health Care Client Bill of Rights (146A.11). Exemption language pertaining to holistic nutrition professionals and links for both laws and the bill of rights are below.

Sources: https://www.revisor.mn.gov/statutes/cite/148.632



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