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Maryland is an Exclusive Scope of Practice State. This law requires a license to provide nutrition care, and only dietitians and nutritionists may obtain a license. You may not assess individuals or groups’ nutritional needs, nor may you use the protected titles of “dietitian” or “nutritionist.” You may not state or imply that you are licensed, registered, or certified by the state of Maryland. There is an exemption that allows holistic nutrition professionals to practice in the state of Maryland.


Holistic nutrition professionals are not prohibited from providing nonmedical nutrition information to individuals or groups of people. In Maryland, “Nonmedical nutrition” means applying basic principles of nutrition to food selection to maintain health.

  • 5–103.

    (b)    This title does not limit the right of an individual or group to provide services and information related to nonmedical nutrition while:

        (1)    Employed by or operating a health, weight loss, or fitness program;

        (2)    Employed by or operating a health food store;

        (3)    Employed by or operating a business that sells health products including dietary supplements, food, or food materials, or provides nonmedical nutritional information or distributes nutritional literature; or

        (4)    Conducting classes or disseminating information related to nonmedical nutrition.

    (c)    This title does not limit the right of an individual to provide services related only to the purchasing, preparation, and service of food to groups of people.

    (d)    This title does not limit the right of an individual to provide nonmedical nutritional information or to distribute nutritional literature.

Source: Maryland Health Occupations Code Ann. § 5-101 http://mgaleg.maryland.gov/mgawebsite/Laws/StatuteText?article=gho&section=5-101&enactments=false

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