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Maryland licenses Dietitians and Nutritionists. You must have a license to provide therapeutic nutrition care which includes: assessment, goal setting, counseling, or evaluating nutrient-drug interaction, and only dietitians and nutritionists with the C.N.S. credential may obtain a license. There are exemptions for holistic nutrition professionals, however, Maryland law protects the titles: “dietitian-nutritionist,” “licensed dietitian-nutritionist,” “L.D.N.,” “dietitian,” “licensed dietitian,” “D,” “L.D.,” “nutritionist,” “licensed nutritionist,” or “L.N.”


Section. of the Code of Maryland Regulations, Subtitle 56. Board of Dietetic Practice lists the Exemptions for unlicensed practitioners.


  1. Except as provided in §B, of this regulation, these regulations apply to a person seeking to practice dietetics in the State.
  2. Exceptions. These regulations do not apply to a person who:

(1) Provides nonmedical nutrition services and information to the public while:

(a) Employed by or operating a health, weight loss, or fitness program,

(b) Employed by or operating a health food store,

(c) Employed by or operating a business that sells health products, including dietary supplements, foods, or food materials, or provides nonmedical nutritional information or distributes nutritional literature, or

(d) Conducting classes or disseminating information relative to nonmedical nutrition;

(2) Distributes nutritional literature; or

(3) Provides services related only to the purchasing, preparation, and service of food to groups of people.

Source: Maryland Health Occupations Code Ann. § 5-101 http://mgaleg.maryland.gov/mgawebsite/Laws/StatuteText?article=gho&section=5-101&enactments=false

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