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Kentucky is a Title Protection State. Kentucky protects the practice of dietetics and the titles “dietitian,” “nutritionist,” “licensed dietitian,” “certified nutritionist,” or such letters as “L.D.,” “C.N.,” or any word, letters, or title indicating or implying that the person is a dietitian or nutritionist unless that person holds a license or certificate issued by the board. Holistic nutrition professionals may work in Kentucky but must not use the protected titles.


Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to prevent or restrict:

Persons performing the activities and services of a nutrition educator in the employment of a federal, state, county, or municipal agency or in an elementary or secondary school or accredited degree-granting educational institution, if the activities and services are part of a salaried position;

Federal, state, county, or municipal employees involved with nutrition-related programs, including but not limited to, the cooperative extension services, child nutrition programs, and Project Headstart from engaging in the practice of dietetics or nutrition within the discharge of their official duties. Any person engaging in the practice of dietetics or nutrition outside the scope of his official duties shall be licensed as provided in this chapter; or 

Persons employed in a hospital or nursing home from performing dietary services under the supervision of a licensed dietitian. 

The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to a person who owns a health food store or who manufactures, distributes, or sells health foods, dietary supplements, or vitamins, nor shall the provisions of this chapter be construed to affect any other person who provides nutritional or dietary advice or sells nutritional or dietary supplements if the person does not use the title dietitian, licensed dietitian, or certified nutritionist. 

Source:  Kentucky Revised Statutes https://apps.legislature.ky.gov/law/statutes/chapter.aspx?id=38784

Exceptions and Exemptions: 310.070 Unlawful practice or use of the title: https://apps.legislature.ky.gov/law/statutes/statute.aspx?id=45841

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