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Illinois is an Exclusive Scope of Practice State. This law requires a license to provide nutrition services, and only dietitians and nutritionists can obtain a license. You may not customize a nutrition plan or individualized nutrition recommendations for individuals or groups of people. You cannot advertise or be perceived as assessing the nutritional needs of individuals and groups of people. You must not state or imply that you are licensed, registered, or use the title dietitian or nutritionist.


Section 225 ILCS 30/20 provides current exemptions for holistic nutrition professionals.

You may provide general nutrition information or encouragement of general healthy eating choices. That does not include developing a customized nutrition regimen for a particular client or individual or encouraging compliance with a customized nutrition plan prepared by a licensed dietitian, nutritionist, or any other licensed professional whose scope of practice includes nutrition assessment and counseling.

The law also allows you to conduct classes and seminars and give speeches, so long as you make it clear you are not a licensed dietitian or nutritionist. You can also provide weight control services if you are under a dietitian’s supervision, and you do not change the weight loss plan.

The law does not prohibit the practice of dietetics and nutrition services by a person employed by the United States or State government or any of its bureaus, divisions, or agencies while in the discharge of the employee’s official duties.

The law does not restrict a person from providing oral nutrition information as an operator or employee at a health food store or business that sells health products, including dietary supplements, food, or food materials; or in connection with the marketing and distribution of those products, or discussing the use of those products, both individually and as components of nutritional programs including an explanation of their federally regulated label claims, any known drug-nutrient interactions, their role in various diets, or suggestions as to how to best use and combine them. It also does not restrict a person from providing written nutrition information with the marketing or distribution of those products.

If you are employed by the local, county, or state government Cooperative Extension Service as a home economist, you may practice dietetics and nutrition services without a license.


(225 ILCS 30/) Dietitian Nutritionist Practice Act.

Source:  225 ILCS 30

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