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Idaho licenses dietitians. It is unlawful for any person to assume or use the title or designation of “dietitian,” “licensed dietitian (LD),” “registered dietitian (RD),” “registered dietitian nutritionist” (R.D.N.), or any other combination of terms that include the title “dietitian,” unless such person has been issued a license pursuant to this chapter and the license is in good standing pursuant to rules of the board. Nothing contained herein shall be construed to prohibit the use of the term “nutrition” or “diet” as a descriptive term in connection with a person’s occupation or employment.


Section 54-3512 of the Idaho law contains exemptions that allow holistic nutrition professionals to work with individuals or groups of people. You must work within your scope of practice, and may not use the title dietitian as mentioned above. The law states that it is not prohibited to use the term “nutrition” or “diet” as a descriptive term connected with a person’s occupation or employment. It further states that nothing in the law shall be construed to prevent any person from “rendering advice, guidance or counsel regarding medical nutrition service, therapeutic nutrition care, nutritional assessments, nutrition therapy counseling, weight control services, or from providing nutrition information in connection with the marketing and distribution of a food product, dietary supplement, or wellness/exercise program.”

Idaho Title 54 Professions, Vocations, and Businesses, Chapter 35 Dietitians

Exemptions, Title 54, 3512

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