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Hawaii is a Title Protection State. Hawaii does not require a license to provide nutrition services. However, you may not use “licensed dietitian” or “use the letters “L.D.” in connection with your name, or use any words or symbols indicating or tending to indicate that you are a “licensed dietitian” unless you have been granted a license to do so by the state.  


If you are licensed in a separate medical profession, you can engage in the practice of dietetics if you do not call yourself a “dietitian.” This includes dentistry, medicine, osteopathy, chiropractic, nursing, or pharmacy.

You may also provide a general program for weight control without a license if it is reviewed by, consultation is available from, and no change to the program can be initiated without the approval of a licensed or registered dietitian.

You can also market or distribute food, including, but not limited to, operators and employees of health food stores or other similar licensed businesses, and provide information on food or dietary supplements. The law prevents you from providing an oral or written explanation of the historical use, benefit, or preparation of such products, which is intentionally deceptive or fraudulent.

Source: https://law.justia.com/codes/hawaii/2013/title-25/chapter-448b/section-448b-4/

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