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Georgia is an Exclusive Scope of Practice State. Under Georgia law, you must be licensed to provide nutrition services and only dietitians may obtain a license. You may not advertise or be perceived as “assessing the nutritional needs of individuals and groups.” You cannot state or imply that you are licensed, registered, or call yourself a nutritionist or dietitian.

There are several exemptions that will allow holistic nutrition professionals to provide general nutrition information to individuals and groups in the state of Georgia.


Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to affect or prevent:

(3) Persons licensed to practice the professions of dentistry, medicine, osteopathy, chiropractic, nursing, or pharmacy from engaging in the practice of dietetics when incidental to the practice of their profession, except that such persons may not use the title “dietitian”;

(5) Employees of a department, agency, or division of state, county, or local government from engaging in the practice of dietetics within the discharge of official duties when such practice is directed by or in consultation with a dietitian licensed under this chapter;

(7) Persons who provide weight control services, provided the weight control program has been reviewed by, consultation is available from, and no program change can be initiated without the prior approval of either a dietitian licensed under this chapter, a dietitian licensed in another state which has licensure requirements which are substantially equal to the requirements contained in this chapter, or a registered dietitian;

(8) Persons from marketing or distributing food, disseminating information on food, food materials, dietary or food supplements, or minerals or herbs, including but not limited to operators and employees of health food stores or other licensed businesses which sell such products, provided that such persons shall not engage in the oral or written explanation of the historical use, benefit, or preparation of such products which is intentionally deceptive or fraudulent, and such persons shall not furnish specific nutrition information related to such products which is deceptive or fraudulent. Persons included in this paragraph shall not use the title “dietitian” and shall not designate themselves by any other term or title which implies that such persons are licensed under this chapter; 


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