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Connecticut certifies dietitians and nutritionists. However, there is no certification requirement for providing nutrition care, and holistic nutrition professionals may work within their scope of practice. Specific titles are protected and listed in Section 20-206p. Use of title. “No person who is not certified by the Department of Public Health as a dietitian-nutritionist shall represent himself as being so certified or use in connection with his name the term “Connecticut Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist”, “Connecticut Certified Dietitian”, “Connecticut Certified Nutritionist”, or the letters “C.D.-N.”, “C.D.”, “C.N.” or any other letters, words or insignia indicating or implying that he is a certified dietitian-nutritionist in this State. Any person who violates the provisions of this section or who obtains or attempts to obtain certification as a dietitian-nutritionist by any willful misrepresentation or any fraudulent representation shall be guilty of a class D felony. Failure to renew a certificate in a timely manner shall not constitute a violation for the purposes of this section.”

Connecticut Chapter 384b, Dietitian-Nutritionists

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