Using the Power of Amino Acid Therapy


Total 40 CEC’s

Academy for Addiction & Mental Health Nutrition

Level 1 CORE Training worth is a six-month training program that thoroughly introduces students to the use of amino acids, specific nutrients, and diet in addressing symptoms of neurotransmitter depletion, such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, addiction, cravings and relapse. Includes optional Internship program.

Anyone wishing to progress to Level 2 must complete the Internship program.

Level 2 ADVANCED Eight month, Level 2 ADVANCED Training.

Both levels are 2 hours live training delivered bi-weekly, i.e. 4 hours per month.

These two courses will give you the skills to identify and address many of the biochemical and nutritional imbalances that drive mental health and addictive behaviors.


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February 28, 2024