Nutrition Professional Mentoring Group: Focus on Digestive Health

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21.5 CECs

This is a meeting of peers with mentoring from each other and Dr. Lipski using the Art of Digestive Wellness online program
(already NANP approved).

Learning objectives:

  • Deepen clinical skills, specifically in the area of digestive health
  • Better utilize the DIGIN model to prioritize plans: Digestion/Absorption/Motility, Intestinal permeability, Gut Microbiome/Dysbiosis.
  • Expand your practice in new areas & change more clients’ lives
  • Give your clients INCREDIBLE results they crave & address their needs more effectively (and be able to charge more as a result)
  • Upgrade your clinical knowledge and skills to a NEW LEVEL & get more recognition in the field
  • Show up with more confidence, clarity, and motivation in your everyday practice
  • Share your expertise/learn from peers.

You may attend via Zoom or phone. Meetings will be recorded, and you will have access to the recordings and any other materials (copyright allowing.)

The total cost is $2160.00 (plus tuition for the Art of Digestive Wellness online course $397) if you haven’t already purchased it. Once you are accepted into the program, you can pay in full or in 4 installments.


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January 16, 2024