DTOX Series: Energetic Cleansing Specialist


Energetic Cleansing Specialist: DTOX 101, 102 & 103

40 CECs

This is a three part program designed for students who want to master the arts of Energetic Cleansing & Clinical Fasting as follows: DTOX101 (Digestive Tract), DTOX102 (Liver) & DTOX103 (Kidneys).

Students need to complete all three (3) courses in order to earn this certification.

The program reviews nutrients essential for energy production, how to source clean water, herbs & nutraceuticals essential for an effective cleanse, how to process deeply embedded emotions, how to complement a cleanse or fast with natural therapies like Far Infrared Saunas, Coffee Enemas, & Meditation and Herbs while also learning how to reap the benefits of Autophagy.

Required Textbooks:

• Energetic Health, Volume 1 – 3 rd. Edition Author: Dr. Henele
• Dr. Jensen’s Guide to Better Bowel Care Author: Dr. Bernard Jensen
• Clean, Green, & Lean Author: Dr. Walter Crinnion
• Cleanse & Purify Thyself: Book 2 Author: Dr. Richard Anderson


• Henele E’ale
• Carmen Adams
• Erin Dahdah
• Javier Franco
• Melaine Garrett
• Wendy Hiller
• Christine Hoff
• Sherri Rummel
• Linda Vega
• Jordan Wavra

Duration & Total Hours: 75 Hours per course.

Continuing Education (CEC’s) 40 per course.

Next Course Starts on March 22, 2024!


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January 14, 2024