The Dental Dilemma: How poor nutrition leads to dental disease which leads to toxic tooth treatments with Dr. Kelly Blodgett

  • One (1) lecture
  • 1.5 CECs

The landscape of the holistic health movement is at an all-time high! From intentionally shaping your thoughts, words and actions to developing bio-individualized nutritional plans to optimizing detoxification pathways, health-based businesses and health seekers abound! Yet despite all of these pro-health practices, millions of people’s health still suffers. What is the missing piece of the puzzle? (Hint: It’s South of your nose and North of your neck) It’s your mouth! This talk will illustrate what Dr. Blodgett refers to as The Dental Dilemma – how the part of the body most responsible for disease is the one place no one is looking! Learn how to become an informed assessor of oral health and dental risk! Do not miss this opportunity to learn from the country’s most inspiring dental educator and truth teller! Come learn for yourself what the Biological Dental Care movement is all about!