Eating Like a Human in the Modern World with Dr. Bill Schindler

  • One (1) lecture
  • 1.5 CECs

Conversations about food are filled with a dizzying array of perspectives on what our diet should look like. Vegan or carnivore? Vegetarian or gluten-free? Keto or Mediterranean? Fasting or Paleo? Daily promises about new ingredients or diets that can “do it all” make us feel confused and insecure about our food choices. But the secret to becoming healthier, losing weight, living a vibrant life, and healing the planet has nothing to do with counting calories. The answer is simply re-learning how to eat like a human. Drawn on cutting-edge science and a lifetime of first-hand research, including drinking cow’s blood milkshakes and butchering yak with Mongolian herders, Dr. Schindler takes us back millions of years to explain how the technologies we developed to prepare our food over millions of years literally built us as a species and remains the key to regaining our health in the modern world.