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These partners share our mission and vision.

We encourage our members to support them because we know they’re on the right path!

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Diamond Partners

Goodphyte was founded and developed by Amy Puzey, a holistic nutritionist, competitive trail runner and mother of four.  Goodphyte is a product based on the enzyme, phytase, which assists with micronutrient and amino acid absorption by neutralizing the anti-nutrient, phytate.  Our company has seen significant results in clients with gut related issues (IBS, IBD), anemia and a number of autoimmune conditions.  Our vision is to be a catalyst for improved global nutrition and immune health, with a long term vision of eliminating hidden hunger and micronutrient deficiency globally.

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Platinum Partners

York Test- The Proven Experts for Food Sensitivity Testing & At-Home Allergy Tests

We help you to find the foods that are causing issues in your body. With our quality-assured food sensitivity and food intolerance tests, analyzed in our laboratory and supported by qualified nutritional therapists, we provide expert dietary advice for the whole family.


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ENERGYbits® emerged from Catharine Arnston’s vision for convenient, efficient, and nourishing whole-food solutions. Founded with the aim of simplifying nutrition, ENERGYbits® offers algae tablets packed with essential nutrients and proteins. These concentrated “bits” of food provide a hassle-free way to fuel your body, ensuring optimal nourishment in a convenient form.

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Heartstrong Nutraceuticals is a nutritional supplement company with a patent pending protocol of natural products scientifically shown to support the bodies natural ability to dissolve unwanted plaques.  Based on years of scientific research, Heartstrong’s approach provides inexpensive and viable options to pursue optimal health.

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Building a career is hard and you don’t have to do it alone. 

Join a community of high level professionals and nutrition graduates that support each other’s career growth. 

Our program is designed to help you remove the obstacles that are standing in the way of turning your education and passion into a career. We provide certification support, business coaching, and a professional network that can be leveraged for support and guidance. 

Flexible membership options and pricing available 

Certification Support

  • Opportunities to earn the required 500 professional experience
  • contact hours
  • BCHN® exam prep
  • Comprehensive study guides with key terms and definitions
  • Over 1000 practice questions included in over 20 practice exams 

Development and Growth of Your Business

  • Weekly business development office hours
  • Self-paced business courses
  • Personalized business mentorship
  • Holistic Nutrition Career Directory

Growth as a Clinician

  • Over a dozen educational courses in functional and holistic nutrition (See Listing)
  • Weekly nutritional grand rounds with other nutrition professionals across the country
  • Weekly case study office hours
  • Small group case study workshops
  • Experience working with clients
  • Regular feedback from supervisors
  • Guest webinars from experts in the field of functional and holistic nutrition
  • Earn continuing education hours
  • Access to a community of holistic nutrition professionals 

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    Are you ready to achieve truly extraordinary outcomes with even your most complex client cases?

    Are you ready to dramatically increase your confidence as a clinician, knowing you’re able to get your clients the results they seek?

    Are you ready to be part of the movement that’s changing the way true health is created?

    At Restorative Wellness Solutions, the leader in functional nutrition education for qualified health professionals, we equip you with the skills, tools and confidence you need to create transformations in your client’s health.

    At RWS, we’ve identified three skills that are key to guiding the most complex client cases to success.

    1. The ability to understand, honor and work with the body’s natural healing priorities,
    2. The ability to leverage and interpret a range of lab tests to identify what’s blocking the healing process, and
    3. The ability to build highly customized, powerful protocols that facilitate true healing.

    Start your learning journey with Mastering the Art and Science of Gastrointestinal Healing, a 12-week online intensive and certification program. Our curriculum includes the most up-to-date and effective lab testing, critical test result interpretation, and experienced guidance for creating the most effective customized healing protocols. We’ll see you in class!

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    The Wellness Business Hub is the leading business coaching company for practitioners and coaches committed to transforming lives by building a thriving online business.

    Founded by Lori Kennedy Inc. in 2011 as a way to teach practitioners how to create their own signature program at a time when no one even knew what that was, The Wellness Business Hub has grown to serve tens of thousands of professionals from all corners of the globe.

    What started as a one-time weekend workshop facilitated in a stuffy office room has evolved into The Online Signature Program Model that Lori teaches inside of Zero To Clients™, The Wellness Business Hub’s flagship business coaching program. Using The Model and leveraging technology, Lori and the ZTC Team have co-created over 3,000 signature programs with professionals in every niche.

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    Gold Sponsors

    Jane App is a clinic management software and EMR designed to help you book, schedule, document patient notes, bill insurance, and process payments — all online.  Best of all, support is unlimited, so you can think of Jane as an extension of your team. With an average call wait time of 2 minutes, you’ll be able to get the help you need when you need it.

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    Caroline Alan – The Mineral Geek

    Caroline Alan is a health survivor and mineral enthusiast. On her own journey to health, Caroline found mineral replenishment to be a foundational element that is widely misunderstood. Her research into why minerals are important in human physiology and how they work in the body has taken her into a broad field of study including microbiology, molecular biology, cellular biology, quantum physics, agricultural soil science the study of plant decomposition and glyphosate toxicity.

    As a result of her research Caroline has become committed to helping people understand how and why mineral depletion affects the body, the systemic nature of glyphosate exposure and specifically, how plant-based humic and fulvic minerals can support healing and optimal health.

    Caroline is the Co-Founder and CEO of BEAM Minerals which provides plant-based humic and fulvic mineral supplements for people, pets and plants.

    Caroline is also an engaging speaker and a regular contributor to Podcasts and health-focused events and programs around the world.

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    Superior Natural Products  & the Most Innovative Functional Lab Tests Available

    Board Certified members can open accounts! Designs for Health is unmatched in its ability to develop highly effective synergistic formulations.

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    Silver Sponsors

    At SNP Therapeutics Inc we believe that gene guided precision nutrition will advance the value of nutritional therapies to improve human health. By using genetic testing, we seek to identify sub-populations who can best benefit from selective nutritional therapies to address health challenges.

    The Genate™ report focuses on perinatal nutrition and reports on genetic variants disrupting the proper metabolism of nutrition women share with their developing fetus or newborn.  Metabolic inefficiencies in one carbon nutrition can lead to the depletion of nutrients critical to the support of brain development, cellular membranes, and DNA methylation. Understanding SNPs in one carbon nutrition can help women take corrective action to address these inefficiencies.  In addition to the test, Genate prenatal vitamins, supplements and maternal health nutrition counseling services assist women to address their unique nutritional needs.

    In addition to Genate, SNP Therapeutics has developed genetic tests to identify individuals with sperm function challenges, NAFLD and Sarcopenia.

    Visit SNP Therapeutics to learn more!

    The Van Wagner Group has been providing comprehensive insurance solutions to the behavioral and mental health fields, including nutritionists and dieticians, for over 35 years.  We conveniently offer Professional Liability, General Liability, and Abuse and Molestation coverage all in one policy.  Each coverage has its own limits, is written on an occurrence form, and includes special forms and endorsements designed to protect YOU.  Van Wagner offers diverse ratings for full-time and part-time employees, as well as students in the field.  As a NANP member, you are eligible for up to a 40% premium discount!  We also offer higher limits with a very affordable excess policy, as well as increased limits for abuse and molestation.  


    Obtaining a quote and binding a policy is very simple.  Click here to fill out your application now.  Once your application is submitted you will immediately receive a quote which can instantly be bound.  Make sure you answer YES to being a NANP member to receive your discount!

    For more information, please visit us at []., email us at or call us at 800-735-1588.

    In addition, we have a Cyber Solutions policy complete with propriety software protection that offers: Ransomware Remediation, Secure Remote Access, VPN, and 24/7 network monitoring.  Please contact us for more information.

    CanXida, renowned for its premium dietary supplements, focuses on combating candida overgrowth and improving gut health.

    Our products are the result of decades of expertise in natural health, formulated by experienced clinician. CanXida’s commitment extends beyond product development to health education, with the creation of the most comprehensive book on candida, a resource widely utilized by clinicians worldwide. In collaboration with health experts, CanXida continually develops educational materials and therapeutic programs, contributing significantly to the field of integrative medicine.

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    Promo Sponsors

    Gardyn is a revolutionary, award-winning vertical gardening system for growing herbs, fruits, and vegetables indoors in small spaces. It uses hydroponic technology and LED lighting to create an optimal growing environment, automatically adjusting watering and lighting schedules. Gardyn is easy to use and perfect for anyone, even those with no gardening experience. Control and monitor your Gardyn from a mobile app with real-time updates on plant growth and health.

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    Genova Diagnostics is a leading force in the world of healthcare, transforming the way chronic diseases are diagnosed, treated, and prevented. With a focus on empowering individuals to achieve optimal well-being, our advanced lab testing methodologies target crucial areas like gut health, nutritional status, immune function, and hormonal health. At Genova, we’re shaping a brighter and healthier future, where innovative approaches to personalized healthcare empower individuals to thrive. Learn

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    At Captain Soup, we make delicious, nutrient-dense, grab & go soups for people on healing diets. We believe that people deserve convenient access to un-corrupted food. For us it is personal! We understand the body’s powerful ability to heal when given non-inflammatory, nutrient-dense food. We believe the best way to build this type of food into our lives is through convenient grab-&-go ancestral soups. Our dedication to clean, nutrient-dense food is unmatched. We began our journey by making these soups to restore ourselves and our families. Now, we are on a mission to restore America… one wise meal choice at a time!!

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