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Want to grow your holistic nutrition business into a full-time income without being tied to social media?

Hi, I’m Andrea Nordling! I show holistic nutrition professionals and health coaches how to build a profitable, impactful online practice and make consistent income every month in their biz without using social media.

Yep, I practice what I preach: When I deleted all my social media profiles and business pages, my business grew exponentially.

And yours can, too! 

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Biocanic is the first-of-its-kind health program intelligence system specifically designed to streamline personal health programs for functional and integrative health practitioners. Biocanic helps you more effectively design, build and implement personalized health programs for your clients.

Biocanic solves all the key pain points by creating functional health programs.

  • Assessments – integrated assessments and reporting
  • Metabolic status – automatically process and centralize lab data
  • Program design and implementation – quickly set up and get going with each client’s dietary, lifestyle, and supplement programs
  • Communication & Education – share key information and communicate with your patients
  • Progress tracking – track and reinforce behavior change

Through Biocanic, all of the key data is brought together to help you quickly correlate and analyze data to get up and running with your clients faster and more effectively. Through Biocanic’s unique engagement approach, patients are given the tools to better understand their own health status and implement the program independently.

A health program intelligence system is the missing part of your practice that will unlock countless hours for you to grow… or just some free time to focus on your own health and family.

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If you aren’t attracting enough clients into your coaching or holistic practice, there is nothing wrong with you or your work. You weren’t born with the skills to build a Thriving Practice; this is something that must be learned. When you’re missing any of the essential keys to Attract Clients without Struggle, it can feel like an uphill battle and destroy your confidence.

Thousands of Thrivers before you have used our proven templates to rock their business and create a Thriving Practice full of clients they love. LET’S DO THIS!

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The purpose of FDN is to help people investigate and resolve the underlying causes and conditions at the root of their health complaints. When data from these labs are correctly interpreted along with other clues, the healing opportunities are revealed. FDN health detectives do NOT diagnose or treat any disease, nor do we practice medicine. Everything we do is science and evidence-based. We use carefully chosen functional lab work and complete client history to investigate underlying malfunctions of the adrenal glands, mucosal barrier, detoxification systems, metabolic processes, absorption and assimilation, immune and defense mechanisms, and steroid hormone balance to name a few.

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  • Scientific analysis based on 34 blood values and health profiles.
  • A personalized nutrition plan matches your client’s biochemistry with the right food-chemistry.
  • Delivers amazing results – fat melts away, energy increases and wellness is optimized.

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The Van Wagner Group has been providing comprehensive insurance solutions to the behavioral and mental health fields, including nutritionists and dieticians, for over 35 years.  We conveniently offer Professional Liability, General Liability and Abuse and Molestation coverage all in one policy.  Each coverage has its own limits, is written on an occurrence form and includes special forms and endorsements designed to protect YOU.  Van Wagner offers diverse rating for full-time and part-time employees, as well as students in the field.  As a NANP member, you are eligible for up to a 40% premium discount!  We also offer higher limits with a very affordable excess policy, as well as increased limits for abuse and molestation.  


Obtaining a quote and binding a policy is very simple.  Click here [] to fill out your application now.  Once your application is submitted you will immediately receive a quote which can instantly be bound.  Make sure you answer YES to being a NANP member to receive your discount!

For more information, please visit us at []., email us at or call us at 800-735-1588.

In addition, we have a Cyber Solutions policy complete with propriety software protection that offers: Ransomware Remediation, Secure Remote Access, VPN, and 24/7 network monitoring.  Please contact us for more information.

Is your client’s body nutritionally balanced for life?

Provide clients with practical next steps towards achieving optimal health in just 15 minutes with our non-invasive epigenetic mapping service from Cell Wellbeing.

With just 4 strands of hair, you can obtain a broad-based nutritional assessment that includes an evaluation of the client’s amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, and key environmental exposures such as mold, parasites, metals, and EMFs. This data is used to produce a nutritional report designed to help you understand the particular biological stressors impacting your client’s body and develop a dietary and nutritional plan that addresses their specific needs.

Developed with doctors in Hamburg, Germany, Cell Wellbeing is a unique resonance testing tool used for more than 15 years by hundreds of wellness providers in more than 65 countries to identify their clients’ epigenetic profiles and the full spectrum view of what is influencing their health. Complementary to conventional testing, each scan captures over 800 underlying indicators and can observe conditions that are not always detected by traditional blood testing.

For Healthy Cells is the sole distributor for Cell Wellbeing in the United States. For more information, please visit, email us at or leave a voicemail at (341) 444-2192.

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Restorative Wellness Solutions is a comprehensive functional nutrition certification program for qualified health professionals. Achieve outstanding results with even your most complicated clients.

If you’re ready to take your practice to a whole new level and join a tribe of practitioners who are changing the way health is delivered, Restorative Wellness Solutions is for you. All Restorative Wellness Solutions courses are 12 week online intensives led by seasoned practitioners committed to your success.

Please note: Upon successful completion of Level 1, you’ll earn the Restorative Wellness Practitioner certification and gain access to subsequent courses. To best serve our students, we’ve added an application process to learn more about our students before they start class and find ways to serve them better. By learning about your experience and education, we’re more prepared to help you fill in the gaps and take your practice to new heights.


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