The Functional Nutrition Approaches to Gut Health program provides foundational and contemporary evidence-based guidelines for addressing gastrointestinal dysfunction. This 18-module (20 credit) continuing education program is designed to help you recognize and understand gastrointestinal disorders’ underlying causes. It gives you the tools you need to provide effective metabolic and nutrition support for clients in need. The course provides narrated slide shows, slide handouts (PDFs), and fully designed FYI sheets to serve as a “go-to” database once the course is complete.

Applicable learning objects include:

  1. Describe common gastrointestinal conditions that have a nutritional/functional medicine component
  2. Identify signs, symptoms, and contributing factors for each condition
  3. Explain the testing methods available for each condition
  4. Describe 5R guidelines as part of individualized therapy
  5. Identify targeted nutrition support guidelines for each condition