The Certificate Course in Environmental Health


30 CECs

5-Month Advanced Course for Health Professionals

Elevate your understanding of environmental toxins & learn how to “talk toxins” in your practice, so you can expand your skill set, ability to support clients, and grow your business.

Next cohort starts October 2024

The world is waking up to the fact that everyday toxic exposures are not only real, but a big part of the rise in chronic health issues. 

“DETOX” is all the rage these days, the organic foods industry is booming, and natural, plant-based skincare is the largest growing sector of that industry.

And yet, many people are still struggling with chronic health issues.

And not enough health professionals and health educators are able to help them understand, and take action on the toxic exposures that are making them worse.

If you’re ready to be the resource they need, deepen your education, expand your tool kit, and stand out from the pack, then keep reading… 


Posted on

January 17, 2024