The Art & Science of Supporting IBS and SIBO/IMO

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6 CECs

Nutritionists will learn the SIBO Fundamentals, Underlying Causes, Risk Factors, Pathophysiology, Herbs, Supplements, and Prevention strategies, Nourishing Diets , Adjunct and Lifestyle therapies, and how to cook for these conditions.

The course runs for 6 consecutive weeks. Students receive weekly lessons every Tuesday for a 60- 75-minute recorded lesson.

Includes toolkits, guidelines, protocols, questionnaires, meal plans, SIBO diet guides, and handouts to help address SIBO/IMO and IBS clients. Plus, a live mentorship session for an hour each Thursday, from 12pm to 1pm EST where questions and cases are discussed.

Evaluation of student performance:  You will receive a certificate of completion after you attend all 6 sessions. You will need to complete the optional multiple-choice quiz offered after lesson 6 if you wish to earn 6 CEC’s.


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January 16, 2024