The American Fitness Professionals Holistic Nutrition Certification


30 CEC’s

The American Fitness Professionals’ Holistic Nutrition Certification program offers a comprehensive and evidence-based training curriculum in holistic nutrition, emphasizing the importance of whole foods and plant-based diets. This certification is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively coach and consult clients who are looking to improve their health, reverse disease, and achieve optimal wellness.

The program covers a wide range of nutritional topics and dietary approaches, including an in-depth look at GMOs, organic foods, veganism, vegetarianism, whole foods, Paleo diets, dairy and non-dairy alternatives, and strategies for achieving total wellness. This breadth of coverage ensures that as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, you’ll be well-prepared to address a variety of dietary preferences and health concerns, providing personalized and informed guidance to your clients.

Whether your clients are interested in disease prevention, health optimization, or dietary transitions, this certification program promises to build your confidence and competence in the rapidly growing field of holistic nutrition. It’s an ideal choice for those passionate about fostering health and wellness through natural, nutrition-based interventions.

NOTE: This program may not provide NEW information for holistically trained nutrition professionals. However, the program is well-referenced and may be useful for research.


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March 12, 2024