Nutrition to Support Neuroinflammation


A three-part webinar series exploring the innumerable triggers which initiate the inflammatory process.

The central, autonomic and enteric nervous systems are intimately involved in the process leading to development of neuroinflammation. In this lecture Dr. Bump will discuss some of the numerous causes including diet and life-style, stress, nutrient deficiencies, microbial infections, oxidative stress, structural imbalances and environmental issues. He will review the various diagnostics available for assessment and offer clinical insight into numerous therapeutics including nutrition, diet, and lifestyle.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of the chronic inflammatory conditions in clients
  • Review of the immune system, intracellular messaging and other physiologic pathways involved in inflammatory and neuroinflammatory response.
  • Describe the process of resolution in the inflammatory process
  • Clinical application of how to assess chronic neuroinflammation and provide therapeutic interventions with diet, nutrient and life-style modifications.
  • Become familiar with concept and clinical application of neuroinflammation.

Objectives include:

  • Familiarize the audience with the physiology of cognitive decline
  • Clarify the triggers of brain inflammation
  • Using nutrition, lifestyle and herbal support as prevention
  • Teaching practitioners how to recognize a patient with potential CIRS
  • Showing how to do a proper screening for CIRS

Duration & Total Hours: Self-Paced 3 Hours

Dates: Evergreen

Continuing Education (CEC’s) 3

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January 15, 2024