Integrative Nutrition through the Childbearing Stages

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Portland Community College’s Institute for Health Professionals offers an annual course titled “Integrative Nutrition through the Childbearing Stages,” next scheduled to start in July 2023. This course provides a comprehensive overview of nutrition tailored to the childbearing years, focusing on the following key areas:

  1. The Five Stages of Childbearing: It delves into each stage of childbearing, outlining the specific nutritional needs of the mother during these times.
  2. Applying the Principle of Building: The course emphasises the importance of building and sustaining health and nutrition throughout the childbearing years.
  3. Specific Nutrient Needs for Each Stage: Detailed insights into the particular nutrient requirements necessary for supporting both the mother and child’s health during each stage.
  4. Common Problems and Nutritional Solutions: It addresses common issues encountered during each stage of childbearing and offers nutritional strategies to manage and mitigate these challenges.

This course is ideal for health professionals, nutritionists, and anyone interested in specializing in or understanding more about the intricacies of nutrition during the childbearing stages.


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March 12, 2024