HN4U Our Journey With Food


10 CECs

This course is a great refresher for Domain I Food & Nutrition which counts for 35% towards the Board Exam. It is also a great course for anyone wanting to learn how to use food as medicine and the science behind the claim.

Learn how to:

Develop Sustainable Habits of Change – Empower clients/patients in their efforts to modify diet and lifestyle in a sustainable, holistic manner.

Explain the principles of locally sustainable agriculture, the economy of home food preparation and preservation, nutrient synergy through food combining and fermentation or cooking.

Examine various synergistic traditional food combining approaches, the utilization of traditional herbs, and the daily incorporation of movement and time in nature.

Appraise current scientific information pertaining to the health risks and benefits of natural or human-made chemicals and elements: water, heavy metals, naturally occurring environmental irritants, dust, pollens, smoke, and mold.

Program Learning Objectives:

Nutrition Foundations – Utilize the principle of nutrition, sustainability, and mindfulness.

  • Sustainability in Food Choices for Health – Demonstrate how to support client’s prescribed nutrition plan through the use of sustainable traditional whole foods, including ancient grains, legumes, tubers, sea vegetables, animal protein, fat sources, and seafood.
  • Mindfulness in Food Selection and Lifestyle – Examine how acute and chronic food sensitivities and their prevalence affect clients.
  • Describe associated risks, and food/ingredient substitutions, and food preparation safety/methods.

Duration & Total CEC’s: 10 hours / 10 Continuing Education credits.

Practicum: Evergreen Video Program with quizzes after each module.


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January 16, 2024