Environmental Biology


30 CEC’s

Environmental Biology and Sustainable Environmental Cultivation of Organic Food and Medicinal Herbs

This comprehensive course from Hill College equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary for sustainable cultivation of organic food and medicinal herbs, adaptable to any living situation. By delving into environmental biology, including studies on population growth, community and ecosystem dynamics, and conservation and restoration efforts, learners will gain practical expertise in developing backyard and worm bin composts, brewing compost tea, adhering to organic fertilization and pest control schedules, and designing garden plans tailored to their living spaces.

The course combines theoretical knowledge with practical application, featuring both in-person or virtual field trips and hands-on laboratory sessions. It emphasizes the crucial role of homegrown organic produce in achieving holistic nutrition.

For more detailed information about the “Environmental Biology (2406)” course, including a course summary and student reviews, please refer to the Biology Course section.

Contact Dr. Lori Rose for more information lrose@hillcollege.edu , 817-760-5892.


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March 11, 2024