Functional Nutrition Approaches to Gut Health

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20 CEC’s

The Functional Nutrition Approaches to Gut Health programme is an 18-module continuing education course offering 20 credits, aimed at professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of gastrointestinal dysfunction. This evidence-based course is structured to enhance your ability to identify the root causes of common gastrointestinal disorders and provide effective nutritional support.

With a mix of narrated slide shows, PDF handouts, and informative FYI sheets, the programme serves as both a learning platform and a future reference database. It covers identifying signs, symptoms, and contributing factors of gastrointestinal conditions, understanding available testing methods, implementing the 5R guidelines (Remove, Replace, Reinoculate, Repair, and Rebalance) for individualized therapy, and applying targeted nutrition support for each condition.

For those in holistic nutrition or related fields, this course offers valuable insights into addressing gut health issues with functional nutrition strategies, potentially enriching your practice and enhancing client outcomes.


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March 12, 2024