Enzyme Therapy for Your Body Type

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Enzyme Therapy for Your Body Type Programme

Did you know there are four primary body shapes or biochemical types that correlate with specific enzyme deficiencies, food cravings, and personality traits?

Each type signifies a dominant gland within the endocrine system, influencing tailored exercise and diet plans to address the unique requirements of an individual’s biochemical makeup. The root cause of many common diseases lies in the body’s inefficiency to digest, utilize, and assimilate nutrients.

This program enlightens participants on the pivotal role of nutrition, enzymes, and digestion tailored to each of the four distinct biochemical types. Attendees will learn to equip their clients with the tools to balance their weight, address nutrient deficiencies, and manage their over-stimulated endocrine glands affecting their overall wellbeing. Drawing on over 30 years of clinical experience, this course offers a personalized nutrition system and introduces a lifestyle diet that resonates logically, promising long-term benefits for clients.


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February 12, 2024