Dr. Sears Health Coach Certification


30 CEC’s

Dr. Sears’ Health Coach Certification programmes offer an advanced curriculum in nutrition and wellness, distinguished by their science-based approach and the use of cutting-edge online interactive classrooms. This structure not only makes learning accessible but also ensures an effective educational experience.

The initial Health Coach Certification encompasses one concentration and provides 30 NANP Category I CECs, with the option to expand your expertise and CECs by completing additional concentrations. The programme is structured around three key concentrations, each targeting different life stages and needs:

  1. L.E.A.N. Start (Families): This concentration focuses on nutrition and wellness for families, providing strategies and knowledge to support healthy lifestyles from a young age.
  2. L.E.A.N. Expectations (Pregnancy): Tailored for pregnancy, this module offers insights into optimal nutrition and wellness practices to support maternal and fetal health.
  3. Prime-Time Health (Adults & Seniors): Concentrating on adults and seniors, this course covers nutrition and wellness strategies to enhance health and wellbeing in later life stages.

These concentrations allow health coaches to tailor their services to specific demographic needs, enhancing their ability to support clients through various life stages with informed, evidence-based guidance. Dr. Sears’ programme is an excellent opportunity for those looking to deepen their understanding of nutrition and wellness or expand their professional practice as a certified health coach.


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March 12, 2024