Cognition Health

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3 CECs

In this 3 module presentation, students will learn the role of nutrition and herbs in brain health.

  • Keeping Your Head About You: What Does the Brain Need?
  • Don’t Lose Your Mind: What Damages the Brain
  • Mold and Microbes: The #1 Cause of Cognitive Decline

Learning objectives:

How to protect the brain using nutrition and herbal support as a driver

Objectives include:

  • Familiarize the audience with the physiology of cognitive decline
  • Clarify the triggers of brain inflammation
  • Using nutrition, lifestyle and herbal support as prevention
  • Teaching practitioners how to recognize a patient with potential CIRS
  • Showing how to do a proper screening for CIRS

Duration & Total Hours: Self-Paced 3 Hours

Dates: Evergreen

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January 16, 2024