Certified Gluten-free Practitioner Program

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Tom O’Bryan’s Certified Gluten-free Practitioner Program

In this recently updated Certified Gluten-Free Practitioner Course, Dr. Tom O’Bryan takes wellness professionals on a deep dive into the real truths and triggers behind celiac, wheat-related disorders, and autoimmunity. The course gives students an intensive understanding of the autoimmune spectrum and triggers of autoimmune conditions, including intestinal and microbiome dysfunction, food sensitivities, and environmental toxins. It’s time to go beyond gluten! The groundbreaking research and advancements shared in this educational program will keep your practice on the leading edge.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to identify wheat-related disorders and early autoimmune indicators
  • Why following a gluten-free diet is not enough
  • Testing for predictive autoimmune markers, celiac & wheat peptide sensitivities
  • Nutraceutical protocols and applications, how to support and educate your clients/patients
  • Stages in the spectrum of autoimmunity
  • Impact of food sensitivities on the autoimmune spectrum
  • The role of the microbiome in autoimmune disease
  • Correcting intestinal permeability, the ‘gateway’ of autoimmunity

If you have any questions about the CGP Program or this offer, please email them to CGPInfo@theDr.com.

Also included as a BONUS – 10 copies of a 30-minute DVD interview with Dr. O’Bryan on the Basics of Gluten: “Gluten Isn’t Bad for You; Bad Gluten Is Bad For You! What is it: What havoc can it cause: How does it affect the family?”

This interview is the perfect ‘take-home’ material for the patient and their families to better understand the basics of the vast topic of Gluten.


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March 1, 2024